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1. Is it realistic sex?
These dolls are made to provide realistic sex experience. It is like to have sex with a real woman, and you can view a full-body of her during sex. Her sturdy articulated skeleton enables her to reproduce all the realistic positions of the human body

2. Is it safe to have sex with a doll?
It is 100% safe. The vaginal canal is located among the safety area to all internal anatomy. There are no sharp parts or wires inside of the dolls. The material of dolls is non-toxic medical material.

3. Is it Waterproof?
Yes, the dolls are waterproof and will not absorb water. These Dolls are produced by solid TPE dolls.

4. How to warm the doll?
The dolls can be warmed by a hot bath or heating blanket and it will retain the heat for a while. We do not recommend boiling your doll.

5. Is Anal, Oral available?
Yes. All dolls come with Anal and Oral functions. But there is not oral function for silicone head.

6. Can I choose different body types?
Yes, we have several other body types from 100cm-172cm with different breasts size.

7. How to care doll?
1) Take Care of your doll like a real lady. Her joints are designed to bend in regular ways.

2) Do not force them because that will break her skin. Never force them in the wrong direction. Do not use anything except water-based lubes!

3) Avoid dragging her over a rough place.

4) Do not bite her nipples and she will love you back. She will last for years if you care for them gently.

8. How to clean the dolls?
Please remove the head and wig before cleaning your sex doll and clean them using the recommended cleaning agents and following the required steps. Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe off any accumulated dust or any other dirt. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s guide and avoid using excessive force when cleaning-pls do it gently.

9.How to Storage?
Please make sure you lay her on her back on soft and a cozy place, awaiting the next use. The storage space should always be clean, cool, and dry to enhance longevity. The legs and arms should be slightly apart.

10. Can I Custom a doll?
Yes, we do customization. And most dolls we offer many options to customize her appearance(head, skin color, and more). That allows you to create a 100% unique customized doll among thousands of combinations!

11. Can I get a return -what if I change my mind?
Once the production of your custom doll has started and the order may not be canceled for any reason.
Due to the nature of sex dolls, returns are not allowed for any reason.
You may cancel your order before your doll has started processing, and there is a 10% cancellation fee. *Processing commences upon payment clearing.

12. How long will she arrive?
Normally, your dolls will be finished within 4-15 working days after receiving order payment.
We will let you know if we finished your dolls in advance.

13. Is the shipping discreet?
Absolutely yes! Your doll will be delivered in a discrete, large unmarked box via DHL or FedEx at our discretion.NO ONE will know what is inside except for you.

14.What about the customs problem?
The price displayed on our site included the delivery cost, all taxes and duties are not included. The import fees are the buyer's responsibility.
Like the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Northern Ireland, the doll will be delivered without any customs problem. We will do everything well for you. We will deliver your doll depends on which method will be better for you and you can not track your doll before the dolls arrive at the UPS or FedEx workshop and it will take about 10-15 days. But you can track your doll when it arrives your country(Normally 5 days later we delivered)

15. How can I track my shipment?
We ship your doll when we finished production and we would send an e-mail with the tracking number so you can check the progress of your delivery on the carrier's website.

16. What should I do if my shipment never arrives?
Please allow up to 7-17 working days for your doll to be delivered. If it still does not arrive, please reach us by sending an e-mail and we will get back to you quickly.

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