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By Candy Liu | 10 November 2020 | 0 Comments

How to clean your love doll thoroughly?

Keep cleaning your Sex Dolls has two advantages, one is for the hygiene of dolls, and the other is for the operational life span of the Love Dolls. In fact, it is easy to clean the body of a real sex doll. The TPE itself will produce oil due to its material characteristic. And so it is recommended to clean your love doll every 2-4 weeks to avoid bacteria on the skin of the doll. It is best to clean the doll and maintain its skin after each "use" to ensure the perfection of the sex doll. This process is similar to cleaning yourself, and you can also choose to take a shower for the doll or soak the doll in the bathtub for cleaning.

But please remember to avoid the neck or head too wet when the doll is taken a shower. This is key important (to prevent the screws of the neck from getting rusty). Just use a shallow sponge to rinse the doll thoroughly with antibacterial soap, making sure not to apply too much pressure to avoid damaging the skin!

1. How to clean the sex doll? 
       Antibacterial soap
       Talc (baby powder)
       Shallow sponge
       Cut another sponge into smaller swabs
       Non-abrasive dry cloth
       Medical forceps
       Strong absorbent tissue

2. How to dry off the sex doll after cleaning?
It is very important to ensure the dryness of the sex doll because it can prevent friction with the skin, otherwise, it easily makes the skin to tear. In order to dry off the Adult dolls, please use a lightweight flannel to pat the doll gently when it is wet, do not apply too much pressure to wipe it, and then let the dolls dry off by itself. Once a lot of water is removed from the doll, let her sit for an hour and wait for it to dry off naturally. Finally, spread the talcum powder on the doll's body evenly, which not only gives her a nice fragrance but also prevents the skin from sticky.

3. How to clean the vagina, anus, and mouth of a sex doll?
There are many ways to clean the vagina, anus, and mouth of a lifelike sex doll. You can take a shower for the doll in the bathroom or let the doll lie down without being submerged in the water. The best way is to take the doll out of the bathtub or shower and expose the side of its vagina and anus. And follow the steps below:
          1. Wipe a small cotton swab sponge with a medical clip, and smear it on the sponge with warm water and antibacterial soap to ensure a thorough coating.
          2. Insert the sponge into the vagina or anus and use pliers to move it around the orifice until the inside is thoroughly cleaned.
          3. Take out the sponge, wash it with warm water, and repeat steps 1 and 2 again.
          4. At this stage, the vagina and anus should be cleaned without any bacteria.
          5. Using pliers again, grab the second dry swab sponge, insert it into the vagina and anus to suck out some water, and then take it out.

Finally, wrap strong absorbent tissue around the end of the tongs and place it in the hole again to give the final dryness. Once the doll is dry, talcum powder can be used outside the vagina and anus. The mouth of the sex toy doll can be cleaned as the above steps.
Note: The realistic sex doll is very delicate, pls care for her and cherish her!


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