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By Candy Liu | 15 November 2020 | 0 Comments

The introduction of sex dolls

1.The material of Sex Dolls

The TPE sex dolls look like humans (it similar to silicone dolls), but the price is about half of the full silicone dolls. The reason why the price is cheaper is that the raw material cost is low and the manufacturing process is easy to mold, and the price much cheaper. In addition, the softness and weight of each material are similar to silicone gel, and the softness is also differs depending on the ingredients.

The TPE material is a thermoplastic elastomer. TPE is the mainstream material of the current love dolls due to its reasonable price and it meets numerous dolls lovers buying budget

The Elastomers are included in the same classification of silicone materials, but it needs further processing. It is softer than silicone and feels more like human skin. 

2. Movable area of the body.
A sturdy articulated built-in skeleton enables her to do all the realistic positions of the human body

3. The finger with a built-in skeleton

It is important to develop a doll for men's sex that is closer to a real human being and deliver it to customers, so even in the details such as the hands and fingers of the love doll. We pay close attention to the advanced processing.

The finger built-in skeleton enables the doll's fingers to do many human-like expressions. Some love dolls do not have a finger skeleton and it feels uncomfortable and weird. Our dolls are equipped with a finger skeleton as standard. It is also possible to hold it. If you get tired of oral and vagina, you will also get the satisfaction of being able to handjob. Nothing feels better than having a love doll handjob. You can also take a peace sign when you take a picture, so you can take a more natural picture. You can also put your index finger up and put it on your mouth for a sexy pose.

5. With the oral function

All kinds of oral sex dolls are possible. Since it is an elastomer material, you can enjoy the feeling of sticking to the local area. You can fully enjoy your favorite female oral. We recommend that you apply plenty of commercially available lotion when using. Moisture reduces friction to make the piston easier. Since it does not have teeth like a human being, the size that can be inserted is limited. Also, since it doesn't have teeth, it rarely feels painful. You can fully enjoy the tightness that is a bit different from the vagina. The doll's oral part is also precisely designed with elastomer, so you can enjoy tightening differently from closing the vagina. It's too happy to be able to put it in the mouth of such a cute, pretty,18 years old young girl sex love doll.

Please note: the silicone head of dolls does not have an oral function.

6. High quality at a  reasonable price

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